Anna Marie Frank: The founder of Happy Whole You and is the inspiration to bringing healing to so many.  She is a light that can’t be dimmed.  Her presence is beautiful and we are blessed because she inspired Amy Kleist to start the journey of helping others transform.   Anna enjoys exercise as its always been a part of her daily life.  She loves spending time with her husband, Carl and her two kids, Garity and Louis.   She is always learning and looking for ways to help her clients.

Happy Whole You started as an online wellness platform to support individuals on their wellness journey. In 2017, founder Anna Marie Frank wanted to open her own brick and mortar wellness centers. Her idea was to combine technology with proven holistic health modalities that can give clients quicker results without negative side effects.

The first center was opened in 2018 in Pocatello Idaho, followed by the second center in Bakersfield California, then another opportunity arose to open a place in Fort Collins Colorado.

During a pandemic two of the locations were sold to other practitioners. Currently there is an open Happy Whole You in Bakersfield California and our most recent center that opened is in Raleigh North Carolina.

Happy Whole You embodies all elements of wellness. We support the mind, body, and soul. We combine Technology with old school holistic health modalities. Our goal is to help everyone become a more Happy Whole individual.

More recently our founder launch our own line of brain nutraceuticals. The story behind our products: The creator of the Happy Whole You nutraceutical line is Anna Marie Frank. Anna Marie is a doctor of naturopathy, certified brain health professional and wellness expert who fought a long battle with depression, brain fog, and memory issues. It was her desire to take the multiple bottles of natural products that she needed, and formulate a line of supplements that many would benefit from. Her idea was simple, 1) Keep the formulas super effective and safe, 2) Eliminate the need to buy a dozen different products, and 3) Ensure the affordability of high-end quality supplements.   

Amy Kleist

Amy has always been passionate about helping others, health, and wellness.  She was blessed with Anna Marie Frank, the founder of Happy Whole You when they met at Western Michigan’s Track Team.  They kept in contact over the years and Amy was always intrigued by what Anna was doing to help others.  On December 10, 2020 during the COVID pandemic, Amy knew exactly what her mission to do on earth.  All the pieces came together and it was perfectly clear.   Amy knew it would be a journey with bumps and turns, but now that she was connected to her mission, she knew what needed to happen.   Amy had to open a Happy Whole You in  Raleigh, North Carolina with her two sisters, Kandice and Julie.  

Amy knew she wanted to bring her sisters alongside of her and be a part of the HWY team. She called Anna on December 11th 2020 and told Anna that she was inspired and asked if she could open a Happy Whole You in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Anna already knew North Carolina would be a location and wondered who the person would be to continue her mission with Happy Whole You.  We started the brainstorming, looking for locations, figuring out the financing and on February 25, 2021.  For a few months, they prepared the space and started taking in family and friends.  Soon, the word to started to spread about HWY’s healing and people wanted to experience the beautiful magic.  

Amy has a few certifications and is always learning to continue to find new ways to help her clients.  She has her Certified Natural Health Professional and working towards her Doctorate in Naturopathy.  She has her Brain Health Coaching Certification with Amen’s Clinic.  She has her Reiki certification 1 and 2, Breath Works Certification, Certification in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and Emotional and Body Code. Amy enjoys the outdoors, grounding, taking her pups outside with boyfriend, Izzy.  She likes a good workout to get the serotonin boosted and has started to enjoy the slower pace activities in life like hiking or paddling boarding.

Julie VanVels

Julie is the youngest sibling out of six of the Kleist/VanVels family. She has always been intrigued with the horticulture and natural remedies. She has her  Master Herbalist Certification and she brings many great remedies to HWY clients.  Julie has so much wisdom for her age, and she brings a lot of creativity and spunk to the team. She brings great ideas and is always open to figuring out new ways of helping others. Julie is excited to help other naturally as a primary route and western medicine as a secondary route.   She is very adventurous and enjoys the outdoors.  She enjoys fishing to unwind and relax.

Kandice Kleist

Kandice has always been a natural healing with her hands.  She is gifted with touch and she radiates love.  She is number five in the birth order and watched many trauma’s play out with her parents and siblings.  She was always seeking natural ways to help heal.  When Amy called to ask Kandice if she wanted to be a part of the HWY team; Kandice without any hesitations said, yes.  The journey has been perfectly paved and she brings a beautiful light of healing.  Kandice enjoys anything outdoors, whether it be hiking with her boyfriend, Ben and dog, Simba or paddle boarding.  She is very creative and has brought a lot of creative juices to Happy Whole You.

Israel Bilbao

As one of the founding members of Happy Whole You RDU, Israel is passionate about health and wellness; he has been an endurance athlete for most of his adult life, competing in 6 Ironman, 7 half Ironman and 9 marathons.  Israel is a strong believer of  Happy Whole You’s mission to use its modalities to provide improved brain health and decrease whole body inflammation.  Israel has seen a huge improvement in his endurance races.  He has less inflammation, toxins, and more clarity.  He is focused on bringing awareness to the running and cycling community.